Cultural Consumption #13: Have a conversation online with an art student in another country

Of the whole list this task was the most daunting and seemed unachievable. I left this one quite late for that reason even though it would have been able to do it sooner as thinking now I could probably contact other people who may be able to help. I didn’t really know where to start and how on Earth to get in contact with someone I don’t know in another country. So as sensible place was to start online, I posted a status on Facebook as a call for help to see if anyone knew an art student that I could get in contact with.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 14.52.56

A couple of friends shared it which was great that they were willing to help, Facebook can be a very powerful medium so I hope it would work for me. A girl called Olivia who emigrated to Australia with her family a number of years ago was willing to help me which was great! She studies architecture but put me in contact with her boyfriend who is an arts student.

I was speaking to a guy called Tom, I wasn’t really sure what were the aims of this conversation and what we are intending to get out of it; I thought it may be to do with making contacts and perhaps and idea of collaboration at some point. It turns out Tom studies Medieval History and has also studied Sports Coaching, Marketing and French, quite a mix. He explained that Australians like you to have lots of qualifications quite specific to the area you are intending to work in we he hadn’t realised before. It seems quite similar to UK degrees apart from this.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 14.48.07

What I learnt from this was all new but I didn’t really learn a lot, I was expecting him to be an art student in terms of creative arts, which I guess is also a different way of understanding the term ‘art student’ between us. It was good to speak to new people though as I am quite a quiet and shy person so it was a lot easier and I felt more confident speaking online, it also made sense to use this style of messaging because of the time difference between the UK and Australia. It was a really interesting process and I enjoyed learning about how things are done in Australia as I intend to travel after university and that will be one of my destinations.


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