Cultural Consumption #17: Learn a new word
 each day for a week

I toyed with lots of ideas for this task but I thought the best idea would be to learn words and phrases useful for the GIDE trip to Belgium in February. It’s not quite that simple though as when I though about it I realised I didn’t actually know what language is spoken there. With some research I found out:

Southern Belgium speak French

Northern Belgium (Flanders) speak Flemish/Dutch which are the same

Eastern side of Belgium speaks German

I learnt this from Trip advisor 

We are going to Mechelen which is a dutch speaking city in the province of Antwerp which is in Flanders. This was what I was hoping for as I have never spoken any Dutch before but have learnt both French and German at school. On the same Trip Advisor page were a few important phrases and words, on first look these were quite similar to German which I studied at GCSE and was quite good at so I looked forward to remembering some of the language.

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 15.28.21

Using a few different sites I learnt new words/phrases everyday for a week and really enjoyed it and think I picked it up quite well. I learnt things that I think will be useful for meeting new people in Belgium and learning about the other students over there. The test will be when we go out there and I’m really looking forward to it!


& of course google translate


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