Cultural Consumption #24: Do something different (you decide)

This started during a stressful time in the Vis Lit module, we’d have our weekly tutorials with out tutors and help from Matt in the AV suite but both Mary and I were still not very relaxed about our films and the whole module in general. For the first part of the module we did quite a lot of similar things so could work together quite well with inductions etc. Quite regularly though she would come down to my bedroom and sit in my bean bag and we would talk about our work and our concerns etc, basically a tutorial but with each other rather than tutors. This started as a joke but we actually found it really useful, just talking abut it would help us to understand in our own minds more to know where to progress with our ideas, and also linked the gaps between actual tutorials well. We have carried this on and it still happens probably once a week.


The beanbag


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