Mistakes & new things

When I started my project in Premiere I noticed some differences, and when I dropped clips into the timeline I had to scale them down by over half to fit into the space on screen. I though this was weird as usually a screen pops up when you being to chose sizes and settings. This is a difference between the CS6 version in uni and the Creative cloud version that I have. It became and issue when I wanted to use the warp stabilise tool on an unstable shot (WOW, that tool is amazing!) I tried to apply it and a warning came up, ‘Warp stabiliser requires clip to match sequence settings’ I didn’t really know what this meant.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.33.08

I googled some tutorial videos although they didn’t help. However one shot from one of the videos inspired me to search for the sequence settings (the box which was missing from the beginning) and in sequence>sequence settings there it is, easy! Can’t believe I’ve never found it there before. I looked at my footage and its settings: 30fps, 1920×1080 so my sequence should match this, but I had it set up wrong, it was on American settings which are 25fps. I altered it to match my footage and the aspect ratio then changed too so I had to go back through and rescale my clips back to 100% as now they fit correctly.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.42.57


After this the warp stabiliser worked fine and it is amazing! The clip in question was very wobbly as I was walking along side Grace and walking sidewards, not easy to keep the camera still, this function means I’d never have to use a tripod again, it looks even better than it could by using a tripod; it has such a professional feel about it, I’l definitely be using it again. It opens up the boundaries and means I can use panning a lot more without having to worry so much about stability.

Now i am putting the new footage in I can see huge differences in colours and lighting; my attention to detail is getting better, and obviously my skills as the new stuff looks great and makes the old stuff look really rubbish! Luckily I am redoing that too so it is ok. I just need to make sure I am using exposures that create a similar look in terms of brightness as at current there are big contrasts between shots.

At the moment I’m really pleased with how its going and can’t wait to get the final bits of filming done to put it all together properly.


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  1. Reblogged this on Adventures of Mojotillett and commented:
    Some good insights here for upgrading to the latest Adobe Premier. I just upgraded to Maverick so I could update some of my Adobe CC versions. I have not pinpointed all the differences. I rely on the popup for setting the video properties on import. I will need a new workflow for this.

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