A film for myself

As part of this module I want to make a film for myself, I feel as though I only tend to make films for other people in strong client led situations. I enjoy these and think they are good experience, especially as I have done quite a few now and they have allowed me to take different levels of input and control in projects. For a change I’d like to develop an idea solely myself without being under the charge of anyone else. I’d also like to take this as an opportunity to develop my narrative skills. I often feel that I struggle with constructing a narrative and a flow in my films; when I have constructed narratives from interviews it has felt false and disjointed. I think this partly happens because I do not think about the edit very much when I am shooting, I want to take this opportunity to create a film thinking about it the other way round; thinking about the edit first so I can shoot much more specifically and hopefully create a more flowing and well constructed film.

I have a few main ideas that I’d like to involve in the process of creating this film:

  • Projections – Filming projections onto people and other surfaces
  • Projection Mapping – Potentially producing a projection mapped installation as the final piece (for the end of year show?)
  • Theme – Centred around loss, using stars as a metaphor, focusing on how stars can be used
  • I want it to be predominantly factual, certainly based on fact
  • Voiceover – Possibly a strong voiceover which carries the films and creates the narrative
  • Slow Motion Footage – Capture stars falling on the slow motion camera to create interesting visuals

I’m really excited to learn some new skills [slow motion camera] to expand my range, develop skills I already have [projection mapping and narrative] and generally improve my filmmaking by doing something slightly different to what I usually do.


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