Milan Design Week – Filming

The Convivial stand was situated inside an old aircraft hanger, it was a beautiful, light and airy space. It made for simple white balancing and allowed me to easily create a clean aesthetic that I had planned for the modern brand. I initially thought I had over-exposed slightly but Paul from Convivial really liked it and I think it suits the brand very well.

The space was complimentary of the Convivial stand, the scarves were hung so they blew gently with the soft breeze that passed through the building, this created nice shots for the film. Filming was a steady process, I took advantage of having the whole week and spread filming out to become confident inthe surroundings; to get a variety of people interacting with the app; and the take time to think about the best shots I could get and how to make the most of the space. It was a simple seqeunce to construct so I could focus on specific shots I wanted to capture and wait for the opertune moment to capture them naturally. This method worked well and I gathered good footage and got everything I needed.

I set out to create a dynamic, modern film to represent the brand and I am happy with the result, the video has the aesthietic that I intended and that Convivial are pleased with.


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