Milan Design Week – Surprises

The whole thing was quite a surprise for me but the week itself threw up many interesting surprises for me…

When we arrived it was delightfully warm, I had looked at forecasts before which had anticipated rain; we were treated to a very hot first few days, but much like England, it soon became cold and stormy!

Building the exhibition stand at the beginning of the week was an interesting day, it involved a lot of painting, which reminded me a lot of a job I had in the summer – painting endless pieces of huge farm machinery. It was a hands on day which I really enjoyed, I don’t do very much physical work anymore, I’m either filming or editing, I don’t get to make much stuff. It also brought back other no to fond memories… Sticking down vinyl lettering… We had difficulties with this during the Love Arts Window Display project and it was not my forte then. However, with a bit of persiverance I made it work.

It was exciting watching all the other stands being created, guessing what they might be exhibiting and anticipating the projects that we’d soon get to explore. I was eager to learn about others’ work and become inspired.


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