Milan Design Week – Using the trip to develop professionally

It was an incredibly busy week and at times I felt like I’d seen so many things that I couldn’t take anything else in! We wandered round countless exhibitions throughout the city; during design week every shop, studio and office space throws its doors open to invite visitors in. We saw a multitude of different design pieces from homewares to elaborate cat houses. I picked up hundreds of leaflets and business cards and snapped just as many photos with the intentions of creating a blog about my experiences. This is something I have been wanting to develop to go alongside my professional website. My website acts as a portfolio where all my films can be seen, but there is no place to show work in progress or to explain more complex projects such as the Love Arts Window Display last year. I want to incorporate a page that is a blog about things that inspire me and about projects I am working on. I have written a few posts on this blog as a practice in the style of writing I intend to use, this something that will definitely need work on but will be so useful for writing things such a cover letters but also in terms of job prospects, lots of things I have looked at involve writing articles and having experience of that so this will be a start in that direction. Once I have more free time after the deadline I will begin writing posts and try to maintain regular uploads to gather a following and gain some interest.

During a Skype talk with a London fashion photographer last week he told us how useful Instagram had been to him in gaining work. I had been thinking about this previously and now endeavour to do it even more – I am going to produce shots videos or clips from bigger videos to post onto Instagram to create interest. I have a list in mind to be able to post regularly, this will give an insight to my work for people to be able to go to my blog to read more about projects or just go an view full versions of my films if they wish. I think this could be really positive and I am looking forward to it.

I have already posted a couple of videos, among my other posts on my Instagram:Β

Milan provided a great opportunityΒ to network, talking to many different designers, exploring their work and thinking how film could be incorporated in this. It was also a great place to hand out business cards and get used to doing that.

The week allowed me to step back from my usual busy routine of work and be inspired by others. I got the chance to think holistically about my own work and see ways to develop further.


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