What is Convivial?

Convivial Project is a London based design studio. Ann and Paul come from varied backgrounds in creative coding, fashion, graphic design and trend research. They merge the digital with the physical to create interactive experiences that dont follow seasonal changes but sit in their own set of rules.

I initially met the pair at Craft Industrialism where they saw my films and I was in awe of their project Generative Scarves. I love interactive work, although I don’t create much of it myself, so the fact you could control the app to create your own pattern and potentially have a scarf printed from that was amazing.

Generative Scarves is the piece they were exhibiting at both Craft Industrialism and through Milan Design Week. It is an iPad app which different perimeters the user can change to generate their own unique pattern. This pattern is then sent to them to keep but can also be printed onto a 100% silk scarf. You can design your own scarf! It is just brilliant.

The response throughout design week was amazing, Convivial intentions were small, they simply went to exhibit the project, they weren’t particularly aiming for much more specifically. Industry designers were approaching with all kinds of collaborative ideas, bags, furniture, watches, shoes… Imagine being able to design the pattern yourself for all of these things! It was great to gain an insight into the lifestyle of exhibitions but the most rewarding part was being part of the process in aiding Convivial in the future of Generative Scarves.


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