Milan Design Week – The beginning

I still can’t believe I had the opportunity to go to Milan with Convivial Project in April. It was a great exerience that I’d do again at the drop of a hat! It was a truly inspiring trip for many reasons…

On the plane journey I read intriguing articles from Ernest Journal, I had seen the journal in Colours May Vary, its endless pages of beautiful natural imagery and random and interesting articles meant I couldn’t put it back on the shelf. It didn’t have much relelvence to filmmaking which made a refreshing change; that was a theme that followed throughout the week. This is what made it all the more inspiring for me. I’m inspired by nature, travel and beautiful things and the week in Milan had all of these things in abundance. In Ernest I read about natural, slow processes, The Isle of Skye and funny historic tales of the Worlds Tallest Man and a Monkey that was thought to be a spy in the Napoleonic War.

Although the week didn’t involve much to do with film other then when I was filming, I was constly conjuring up new ideas from what I had seen. Even reading Ernest I was wondering if they had videos to compliment their articles and if they did, how wonderful they could be… Many of the articles had relevance to my dissertation film Made By Me and the films I made for Carft Industrialism. It is important for people to understand processes through film and film can be a powerful tool to implement that.

So we hadn’t even left England yet and I was feeling inspired…


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